Challenge the Status Quo

Landscapes change all the time and the diving industry is no exception. The technology we have today, the research capabilities we have access too and the key partnerships we have in market provide Deep Dive Division with the tools to disrupt an industry that needs to stay ahead of the game.

At Deep Dive – we are committed to innovative and pioneering solutions which we can achieve through thinking outside the square and collaborating with a variety of industry experts whose skill sets can enhance the outcomes we set out to achieve for our clients. An example of this is: we introduced EDNA testing as a recommendation for one of our key clients, as it provided another source of data collection for an invasive marine species. This was achieved through aligning with a microbiologist and creating an opportunity for our client to have more insights and knowledge.

The balance of a sustainable approach and commercially savvy solution is critical – we believe that the ‘set and forget’ model of diving operations is no longer relevant. Deep Dive Division is committed to being at the forefront of delivering solutions that are effective, making recommendations that are relevant and collaborating with key people to enhance the outcomes. Service and Inclusion is weaved through this approach.