Deep Dive Division NZ capabilities range from Commercial, Scientific, Civil Construction and Film and TV. 
  1. Commercial Diving Services 
  2. Underwater Construction 
  3. Asset Monitoring and Inspections 
  4. Environmental Impact Audits 
  5. Baseline Environmental Monitoring 
  6. Biosecurity 
  7. Containment Services 
  8. Hazardous Environment Diving 
  9. Salvage 
  10. Civil Diving Services 
  11. Project Management Services 
  12. Confined Spaces work using BA 
  13. Water Safety Management 
  14. ROV Monitoring 
  15. Deep Ocean Research and Development 
  16. Dredging of Waterways
  17. Reservoir Cleans 
  18. Full service diagnostic and post analysis reporting 
  19. Access to specialist divers in the industry 
  20. Diverse team handpicked to deliver the best results 

Our capabilities are tailored to suit the requirements for our clients in or on the water dive work. We have an integrated approach where we work with a consortium of experts that add value to the service we deliver and assist in providing holistic and comprehensive solutions for our clients. 

Environmental Impact is becoming more significant and we provide the framework for ensuring water management, restoration and preservation is at its optimum. Asset inspections are crucial in telling the full environmental story – through our tailored audits, we assist our clients with strategic planning, comparable year on year digital data, as well as access to scientific water testing and further analysis.