Environmental Services and Monitoring

The team at Deep Dive Division specialise in environmental dive services and monitoring.

Tua Karalus is an environmental scientist and commercial diver and the integration of these high value skill sets mean that all our work has a high -level approach. Our team is adept at carrying out dive work that conducts biosecurity services, collection and analysis of invasive species, infrastructure inspections and the environmental audits on key underwater assets. We work to suit your objectives, ensure you are compliant with the latest legislation, and offer partnership diagnostics, run sheets, post analysis and recommendations centred around long term goals and Ministry of Primary Industry guidelines.

We have a consortium of specialists we align with to ensure your dive requirements have the most effective outcomes based on cutting edge methods. We provide reports for all our dive works within 10 working days, and these have integrated collateral so that our clients have everything they require for their records.

Our Environmental Services:

  • Aquaculture farm installation and maintenance
  • Biosecurity Monitoring and Containment
  • Surveying
  • Environmental Impact Audit
  • Scientific data collection
  • Recommendations for strategic environmental planning
  • Breathing Apparatus Services
  • Potable water reservoir inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Deep Ocean Research and Development
  • Matauranga Maori approaches to work

If you would like to learn more about our capabilities in this area please in touch.