Delivering the Mission

Deep Dive Division has a simple purpose – create strong partnerships and collaborations that enhance the health and well-being of the water (taonga) in Aotearoa.

The strategic direction of our business is shaped around delivering our work through a hybrid approach of commercial sustainable solutions and environmentally positive outcomes centred on Maori and Pacific principles. We believe Partnerships and Kaitiakitanga fundamentals create opportunity for like-minded businesses to join forces to achieve holistic strategic objectives at an accelerated rate with the most effective social and environmental impact.

Our mission is to deliver the best service to our clients and the environment. The concept of kaitiakitanga is at the forefront of how we conduct our work, and with NZ having an extensive and diverse fresh and salt water area we understand the importance of restoring and protecting environmental assets. Fa’a Samoa is woven into our work and is showcased in the way we do things. Incorporating traditions into the culture we have at Deep Dive Division sets a solid foundation for work ethic and service to others.

Our capabilities are tailored to suit the requirements for our clients in or on the water dive work. We have an integrated approach where we work with a consortium of experts that add value to the service we deliver and assist in providing holistic and comprehensive solutions for our clients. 

Environmental Impact is becoming more significant and we provide the framework for ensuring water management, restoration and preservation is at its optimum. Asset inspections are crucial in telling the full environmental story – through our tailored audits, we assist our clients with strategic planning, comparable year on year digital data, as well as access to scientific water testing and further analysis. 

Our delivering the mission is based on service and inclusion. When we apply this to the business we operate, it is very simple – we provide a specialised service that is going to be generating positive outcomes for our stakeholders – inclusion comes into fruition through the collaborative processes we use. These 5 pillars showcase our values throughout our operation:

Curious – we always seek to discover the depth of our clients needs

Confident – we have  a variety of specialists to deliver the best results

Collaborate – we work alongside our clients closely with an integrated approach

Communicate – we diagnose, recommend, perform, debrief and refine

Culture – we weave culture into our business ethos because it provides a collaborative and respectful framework to what we do and why we do it.