Civil Inspection Dive Services

The team at Deep Dive Division are experienced in civil infrastructure projects in waste water treatment ponds, river, dams, reservoirs, pipelines and open water. We can carry out quality survey inspections, sediment and debris removal, installing and/or maintaining on-site filtration systems, maintenance in portable water treatment plants or reservoirs. Equipment and dive suits are dedicated to this type of work to ensure there is no risk involved..

A key aspect of civil inspection diving is Dredging – which is the excavation of accumulated sediment, debris or sand which has built up over time and begins to restrict the functionality of the asset. During the diagnostic phase of the work, we tailor a method specific to the clients needs and the ascertain the optimum outcome for the environment. Methods range from diver operated hydraulic submersible trash pumps to venturi dredge or air lifting equipment. In terms of re-depositing the material – we always ensure this is done is a way that has zero-low environmental impact.

Hazardous Diving

Contaminated Water (HAZMAT ) diver is an area we are very specialised in and we have custom built our own equipment to further ensure the safety of our divers and the environment. Our HAZMAT setup is internationally reowned and makes sure our diver has a protective seal around every part of their body.