Film and TV

Deep Dive Division provides above and below water services and recommendations in Film and TV productions. Our client services include safety diving, free-diving, underwater set construction, actor diving training, diving compliance and operations, as well as breathing techniques and coaching.

Film and TV Diving Requirements:

Our dive services in this area ensure that any production companies we partner with have all the relevant administrative documentation in place so they are able to work within a compliant framework.

Health and Safety is of huge significance in all dive work, and we have the fundamentals relative to Film and TV production covered to the highest level so that our production partners can focus on filming, while we focus on all dive operations being compliant and safe.

All Deep Dive Division divers will carry current Diver Medicals, Certificate of Competency and be up to date with all immunisations.

Deep Dive Division Expertise:

  • Professional and Qualified advice on current health and safety diving procedures and safety protocols.
  • A team of specialist divers and ROV operators
  • Up to date knowledge on all diving laws and legislation
  • Only Maori and Pacific commercial dive company who specialise in this area
  • Day to Day dive operations and administration tailored for each scene
  • Underwater stage construction and underwater set dressing
  • Underwater lighting and special effects
  • Actor diver training and breath coaching
  • Specialist equipment procurement
  • Experience in Hollywood movie film production

If you would like to learn more about our capabilities in this area, please get in touch.